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Experience in India

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Javier, a boy from Barcelona (Spain) who was in Pojh (Bihar, India) last July. I was there with the NGO. We were a group of 7 young people (including Marta who already wrote on the website).

As she mostly commented on her impressions about India, I’ll try to focus on the experience we lived. How it was organised, its aims and finally my point of view.

The main point of the experience was the visit to Pojh, the village the NGO mostly interacts with. Before arriving to Pojh, we landed on Delhi and we went to Patna. On the way to Pojh, we visited other places, like University of Nalanda.

After spending 10 days in Pojh, we went to Gaya and Bodh Gaya, to finally go back to Delhi, where we sightsaw until our depart day (including a one-day-trip to Agra).

We could say the journey was mostly touristic, except for the stay in Pojh. There, we mixed up (up to a point) with the villagers. We walked among them, we ate their food (not the spicy one), they showed their way of life and traditions to us… They were really some “immersion” days that helped us to discover the India that almost no tourist get to know. That cultural exchange was the best I took back from India. Living with them and “like them”, discovering how they cook, how they  interact with nature, how they interact with each other and with us… it was really enriching to discover a so different culture, with a so different set of values and with so many things to teach us.

I think this was one of the main objectives of the experience, and it was completely fullfilled. Anyway, I must add we found a high linguistic barrier. It was really disappointing, even distressing, to try to communicate and realising after a while it was not so easy as we were told.

The other main objective was to be aware of the village situation, their lacks and their needs, and to start a deep reflexion on how to develop rural areas like Pojh’s one. This is a subject to write a lot about, so I’ll leave it for next posts as I expect to be an active member of this website.

Thanks for reading it and my apologies for my English (I live in France now and it’s getting worse ans worse…).

See you soon.

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3 comments to Experience in India

  • Vikas

    Great job Javier ! and congratulation for your first blog. A very honest description of your experience in India and I am sure it will help people who want to visit India.
    You can also publsih you blog in Spanish in the same page. This blog site is bilingual and bloggers have option to publish in two language at the same time.
    You should also advertise you blog by sharing with friends and sending it to your facebook/social networking site.
    Keep it rolling to create a better world for all of us!!!


  • brajesh

    keep it up.
    great job for our society.

  • brajesh

    vikash ,

    please give me your email id.


    Brajesh(Ramesh Pojh)

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