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Happy New Year!


New year is great opportunity to set your expectations and put a new resolution…the possibilities are exciting. Why not exceed them?
The place where expectations are lowest: leadership. Everyone expects you to get in line and follow, not lead.
However this year one of my resolution is to follow and support others to lead…
The opportunity this year is bigger than ever: to lead change, to create a movement in a direction you want to go.
This is also time to reflect, to analyse your work of last year, learn but not to regret and happily accept some of past mistakes and failures and move ahead.
Last year have been a mix of success and failures. With initial hurdle and low participation, Eco-Cultural travel has still been a good success. We have got some wonderful members for the organisation and they are actively participating in different initiatives. Last year we started few wonderful projects with great potential to bring some real changes in the area we are working. However many of them are still in the conceptual/planning/negotiation phase. We have also started reorganising the core group and start a membership drive. We wish to complete it by early Jan.
New year gift to children of Pepit Buddhas school have been arranged and they will receive it in new year session.
Work on integrated cooperative farming is also speeding up and we are hoping to get more than 3000 farmers by mid 2010 and start our pilot project in the new cropping season. This year we also wish to start Eco-Tarraco project in Tarragona, Pojh pond renovation project, play ground project for school, Safe drinking water in each house and improving the rural clinic of pojh.
As always we have to be effective in our effort and think before work. Innovation has to be our motto and courage to dream.
Wish you a wonderful new year!


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