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Indian Independence or an emotional slavery?

Today India is celebrating the 63rd anniversary of Independence which they got on 15th of August 1947 from British coloniser. They celebrate this day as victory of Indian Freedom fighters who chose to risk ‘their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honour’ against the militarily-superior British.

Family outdoor house where my grandparent use to live in Pojh

Family outdoor house where my grandparent use to live in Pojh

I use to ask my grandfather about English rulers and situation of farmers/villagers those days. My grandfather, Laskhman (Lacho) Singh was born in a remote village of Bihar (Pojh) around early 20th centaury (1910-20). We were not sure of his age as he has no birth certificate or any official document sating his actual birth day. He never encountered any British force or official. Farmer use to give land tax (Malgujari) to the landlord (Zamindar). Zamindars were all Indians coming from some princely state or rich family. They use to work as contractor for British ruler. So it was Indian directly ruling the India and British were just holding the higher level administrative jobs and ruling indirectly through indians. Common Indians those days didn’t remember bad face of colonisers and all dirty work of exploitation and harassments was done by local contractors (private force of zamindar, Indian police etc). My grandfather use to tell many cruel story of zamindar and high expectation from new system. After few years of independence, he got disillusioned with Indians. He use to explain us that in british time (they call angrez ke samay) there were few exploiters but now we have many at each and every level of society…

We have been taught good story about Indian independence and we often get confuse with what we hear from our grandfathers. I wanted to listen some cruel story of Angrez but he use to tell me cruelty of Indians… I was always trying to understand true meaning of this Independence but still have not understood…
Our people in the village have got more suffering, more exploitation, more hunger but we are teaching their children the value of independence. Is this a scheme to keep them slave…an emotional slave to stick with India and bear the pain of independence…


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