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Email to members who participated in Eco-cultural tourism 2009

Dear All,

Thanks to all of you for this great trip. On behalf of Ass. Prabhat (Spain, India), I want to thank Joan and Centre de Cooperacio for their colloboration and we appreciate personal effort of Joan. I can assure Joan that your effort has paid good dividend and this trip was a good success. I want to thank all “viajeros” who been great during this trip and have shown good understanding for certain limitation which unavoidably became the part of this trip. Overall we have good rapport and discussion during this trip. I guess you all appreciate rich and divergent experience of this trip.
I also want to thank Jackie, Sudhanshu, Puttu, Mantu and other volunteers of Prabhat who cooperated during this trip.
Latter Jackie is going to ask you few questions and feedback to analyse this trip.

We have also received good feedback from Pojh an they have send their thanks for visiting and becoming part of their life. Children are missing you and asking when you will visit them next time. You have to send you address so that they can send you letter.
Pojh Community has proposed a special gesture for your visit by conferring “Adopted Honoured Children of Pojh”. You will be honoured during your next visit and your name will be added in special register kept at Pojh Community centre. Meanwhile they has asked to put your photo with children in the community centre.

Now let me start the post-trip analysis phase. One of the primary objective of this trip was culture exchange and I guess we have succeeded in good cultural assimilation and hope you have some good understanding of Indian culture and social organisation.

Secondly, this trip is an experiment to develop an responsible tourism model where tourists and receiving community work together in a responsible way and ensure the environmental and cultural sustainability of the community. This model go beyond the service oriented model of tourism sector and give role of stakeholders to the tourists. For further development we will need your feedback which will help us to improve.

Thirdly, Ass Prabhat is not for profit organisation and always need people like you to further its cause. I had some discussion with you in Pojh and we have to continue that discussion to define your role in Prabhat. Informally you are part of Prabhat and formal procedure will soon be completed. We have also decided to develop some projects in collobaration with URV Solidaria. I grab this opportunity extend invitation to Joan and his team to become part of these projects. Projects which we are going to work immediately are:

1. Renovation of Village Pond and developing it as centre of water sports- Marina and Aida is going to lead this project.
2. Multi-purpose playground for Pojh School – (Who is going to lead this project? suggest your name)

Joan, Jackie and myself is going to help you to develop these project.

Fourth, continue our discussion on various topics… It was great discussion various issues/topics with your guys and for me always a learning process. I guess we all want to continue this general discussion around society, culture, religion, poverty, development, international politics etc. I will suggest you to form a group or use Ass Prabhat Google group ( I will make some of you moderator) or start facebook or other social network group.

Fifth, cultural ambassador: we all are representing our culture, society and country when we are visiting other country. You have been very good in this role and extensive media coverage have increased the profile of Tarragona and Spain. URV should be proud of this success and highlight their coverage on their website.
Joan I will send you scanned copy of all media coverage and you should put then on your site. At some time we have to put a general exhibition of photos in Tarragona and some seminar.

Soon I will be writing you separately on your involvement with Prabhat. Remember Prabhat is a platform for social cause and there is no limit how it should be used. Prabhat is owned by members and members are decision makers. You should use this platform to learn social and organisational skill.

I hope you have some good sleep and nice catalan food…

Wish you all the best,


Ass. Prabhat

More information on Eco-cultural tour on Prabhat’s site

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6 comments to Email to members who participated in Eco-cultural tourism 2009

  • Marta


    The trip has been fantastic and the experience unforgettable and I want to say thank you again from here to all the people who has made it possible!

    I think this blog site can be a good oportunity to keep all in contact and share opinions and discussions about the things we’ll continue doing.

    Best wishes to everyone!


  • Alba Gallego

    Thanks to Ass.Prabhat for all your effort. And congratulations for being part of these good people that fight for making the world a better place.
    About the travel, everybody should experience it at least once in the life.

    Regards, Alba

  • Blog_admin

    Thanks Marta and Alba.
    Lets keep it rolling. If you want to start your own blog and write some article in Catalan, let me know and I will create account for you.


  • Anita


    It’s amazing see that the things are going. I want to say thanks another time to everybody who participated in this fantastic trip and specially at the association who made this posible.

    I think it was a wonderfull experience and I recomend this to anybody because it was unforgettable.

    Sorry about my english but you know that I have to improve.

    P.S Think this blog it’s a fantastic oportunity to make people know the association, our experiences and the importancy of your work.


  • Marta


    I think what Anita says it’s true! I think is very important to let people know about the Association and we’ve got an important role here, so we should think about different ways to work on this. This blog can be then a good oportunity and I hope we make good use!!


  • Blog_admin

    Look beyond the publicity…
    You have to enjoy what you do. So write on something relevant to Tarragona (socio-cultural), to your society, about university, or in general your experience. And think if you like what you write then people will read your blog.

    When you send email, at the end put the address of your blog.

    I am sure you all have great potential and good heart…


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