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Mi experiencia de India

Machine Translated

After returning from trip of Bihar and I started working, now finally I have a day of celebration and I can relax and reflex. I wanted to write something that impacted me while visiting India and give my feedback from this trip, but after lot of thinking the only question that comes to mind is what what was there that not impacted me? India is a very different country… and, I believe, wonderful. It is true that there is misery and poverty, lack of hygiene and health, dirt, disorder and chaos, lack of organization, many school absence for children, which usually work in the field or help family in their business (especially in the lower castes) and many other negatives that may affect you and impress you negatively. But there is also a wealth of cultural and spiritual, cheerful and happy, always smiling faces, social and family unity, frankness, quiet, friendly and very hospitable people and a mysticism and a charm special that you attract and incite wanting to know more about them and their culture and their customs.

Los ninos de Pojh

It is certainly a country in developing, with many possibilities, and this leads me to think that it could use the blog for two things here mainly. On the one hand, talk of customs and traditions from there, some of them them were discovering the journey, where I would like that other people also provide what you know about these issues and, on the other hand, discuss its situation and living conditions, and as the system there, where would be fantastic also works provide and discuss ideas of how you can help here, with our chances.

India has a special magic, you can not leave you indifferent. I also invite any to discover it and open your heart and your mind to a completely different world.

Finally I should like to conclude this brief introduction with a poem about India that I loved when I read it for the first time, that only someone passed there some time could appreciate.


¿Como es India? Ayer me preguntaste y yo, que aún llevo su polvo en mis sandalias y su luz, como un ascua en la mirada, medité y no supe contestarte. India es agua sucia y sol brillante, polvo grisáceo entre el oro y la plata, un viejo en cuclillas trenzando sin pausa y una niña de mirada penetrante. Como una noria que gira incesante. Un beso ardiente a la persona amada y un cuerpo que, en la tarde, se hace llama, poemas de amor y muerte en un instante. Saris de colores deslumbrantes entre miseria de gente reposada Gente sencilla, religiosa y clara visitando monumentos de gigantes. Impenetrable, de misterio llena, no puedo definirla. Se me escapa cual pájaro que eternamente vuela. Un gran deseo se me ancló en el alma. ¡Volver! Volver de nuevo a aquella tierra antes de ser ceniza de la nada.

Eduardo Criado

How it is India? Yesterday I preguntaste and I still my its dust on my sandals and its light, as a first in the eye, medité and I knew not answer you. India is dirty water and bright sun, greyish dust between gold and silver, an old squatting trenzando without pause and a penetrating look girl. As a Ferris wheel spinning incessant. A fiery kiss the beloved person and a body that, in the afternoon, causes flame, poems of love and death in an instant. Dazzling colors saris between misery of quiet people Simple, religious and clear people visiting Giants monuments. Impenetrable mystery full, I can not define it. Escapes me which bird flying eternally. A great desire to be I ancló in the soul. Again! Return to that land be nothing ash.

Eduardo Criado


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